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New LG Gram Laptops Announced At CES 2023

The CES 2023 is coming up and there are several new LG Gram Laptops that have been announced. LG Gram Laptops, the company’s latest additions to its laptop line-up, are set to make an appearance at the CES 2023 Showcase. The devices are said to come in a variety of different colors and sizes, with a focus on style and convenience. All of the laptops will be made using Inno3d technology, which LG says is “the future of laptop design”. These include the LG Gram Ultraslim, the LG ThinkBook Plus Twist, and the Acer Swift X 14. Whether you’re looking for a new laptop or want to see what LG has to offer in the future, make sure to check out the features of each of these.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist

LG Gram Style laptops will be arriving soon. These new models will feature an iridescent finish and sleek glass design. They also come with a hidden haptic touchpad. Among the features, you’ll find are Intel Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, full-size pen support, a 16:10 3,200 x 2000 display, and up to 512GB of customizable storage.

In addition to the Gram Style, LG is introducing a new ultra-thin laptop, the LG Gram UltraSlim. The laptop is 9 percent thinner than its predecessor. It weighs just two pounds and will be available internationally later this year.

While the laptop is light, it’s not as thin as the M2 MacBook Air. Rather, it’s thicker on one side to accommodate ports. Still, it’s only slightly heavier than the 15-inch Gram.

Lenovo is also unveiling a new ThinkBook Plus series. These laptops have dual OLED touchscreen displays, and users can switch between using the screens on the opposite side. Another feature is the ability to use tablet mode while still having a keyboard. This is a new twist on the traditional clamshell laptop.

Lenovo also announced a new wireless docking solution. This will be available on select ThinkBook 13x Gen 24 models. Users can also add Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service to offset the carbon emissions produced throughout the life of the product.

Acer Swift X 14

The Acer Swift X 14 is an all-around, versatile laptop. With a 2.2K OLED display, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics card, 512GB of storage, and a 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor, this laptop is a powerful, versatile machine that is well-suited for content creation, gaming, and everyday use.

It has a clean, attractive aluminum design. There are no logos on the body, but a small status LED on each side. Also, the laptop’s design lifts the main chassis up from the desk and improves airflow into the fan.

While the Swift X 14 is a solid performer, it does get a little warm when playing games. This is partly due to its thicker and heavier build. Luckily, the laptop has an Acer PurifiedVoice with AI Noise Reduction, so it’s able to reduce noise in the background.

The Acer Swift X 14 is also a good choice for those who want a compact and portable computer. In fact, many reviewers have crowned it as the best-value 14-inch laptop on the market.

While the Acer Swift X 14 does not have a dedicated video card, its Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics chip can handle most games at 1080p. Additionally, it has a high-end audio solution.

LG Gram Ultraslim

LG recently announced the LG Gram Ultraslim and LG Gram Style laptops at CES 2023. These new models feature powerful processors, immersive audio and Dolby Atmos support. They will be available to the public in February.

The LG Gram Ultraslim is the slimmest laptop in the LG lineup. It’s a featherweight design with a gorgeous OLED display. It’s packed with Intel’s 13th generation Core processor and Iris Xe graphics. You’ll be able to choose from 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of RAM. Those who opt for the more powerful model can also add Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 discrete graphics.

LG’s newest Gram line is designed for consumers who want something unique. The laptop’s sleek design features a glass body that changes based on the angle you’re looking at it. In addition, the device comes with a hidden touchpad with LED backlighting.

The LG Gram Ultraslim has a 15.6-inch OLED display with Full HD resolution. The screen is coated with an anti-glare coating to reduce glare. There are two Thunderbolt 4 ports and another USB Type-C port. However, the battery is the smallest of the Gram lineup.

The LG Gram Style laptop has a 14-inch or 16-inch screen, a pixel density of 2,800 x 1,800, and a 16:10 aspect ratio. The OLED panel is also treated with AGLR (Anti-Glare Low Reflection) coating, which helps minimize reflections.

Final Words

LG Gram laptops are set to launch at CES in the near future. The devices are said to feature a new design, plus it has been announced that they will soon be available in several different colors.

They’re also said to have a more powerful processor and battery, as well as a longer battery life than current models. This is likely due to the fact that LG Gram laptops are meant for businesses and need to be used frequently.

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