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How Ronaldo Became The World’s Best at Manchester United

When Ronaldo first joined United he was a winger who could score plenty of goals. He started to work hard on his game in order to turn into the world’s best player.  Ronaldo’s meteoric rise to the top of English football began as a small-time player for Manchester United. After making his debut in 2001, Ronaldo quickly became one of United’s most popular players and helped the club win two Premier League titles, three FA Cups, and two Champions League trophies. During his time at United, Ronaldo scored 153 goals in 351 games That dedication to developing his talent paid dividends. His game evolved to a point where he was able to take on any defender with a searing pace, mesmerizing footwork, and an incredible goal-scoring ability.

He Embraced The Pressure

In contemporary Western working cultures, we are often taught that the best way to handle pressure is to grit your teeth and toughen up. But there is a better, more flexible way to approach pressure that can benefit both yourself and others.

Ronaldo was one of the world’s best players when he first came to Manchester United. He scored a huge number of goals, and it is clear that his hunger to be the best drove him.

The only way to become the world’s best is to have a strong inner motivation and a hunger to constantly strive for betterment. That means pushing yourself in every way possible.

He Embraced The Team

Ronaldo’s arrival was a big moment for United and the fans. He was expected to lead the team and set the standard for the next generation.

He embraced that role and it showed. He threw himself into the challenge of reshaping a United side that was not a strong enough unit to challenge for the Premier League title.

As he was not a traditional center-forward, he also shared the workload and prioritized playing for his teammates over scoring himself. That freed up space for others, like Tevez and Dimitar Berbatov, to flourish.

However, as Ronaldo’s influence grew, so did the concerns of some at the club. Ralf Rangnick, the interim manager, arrived in late November but by January he had argued privately to the club’s board that Ronaldo should be moved on and replaced if United wished to progress.

He Embraced The Fans

When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Manchester United, he brought with him all the qualities that made him so great. He embraced the fans and the club’s culture, helping them achieve some of the best moments in the club’s history.

He began his career with Sporting Lisbon but was soon impressed with his silky skills and blistering speed. That impressed Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and he secured his signature.

Eventually, the young Portuguese star moved to Real Madrid where he won multiple La Liga titles and three Champions League trophies. He also won two Ballon d’Ors and one FIFA World Player of the Year award while at Madrid.

The Portuguese star returned to England in 2021 and became the most expensive player ever to join Manchester United when he transferred to Old Trafford. This transfer was a huge deal for his fans, as they finally got their dream player back.

He Embraced The Management

Despite the rocky relationship between Ronaldo and United’s management, Ronaldo continued to play for United last season. It is a testament to how much fans have taken to his talent and ability to inspire at the club.

He started his career at United with a bang: He was sent on by Alex Ferguson to replace Gary Neville at half-time of the first game against Bolton and instantly inspired the team with his dazzling stepovers. He then scored three goals to help Manchester United beat the Lancashire side 4-0, and was branded ‘the new George Best’ by club legends after that performance.

But he didn’t stay long, and after a season of struggling under interim boss Ralf Rangnick, the Portuguese asked to leave United. Several club sources told ESPN FC that the player wanted to go back to Real Madrid, but Mendes was unable to deliver a move to Qatar.

He Embraced The Teammates

For a club that has spent most of the last decade struggling to pin down its identity, it’s been a revelation to see United actually get one. And it’s not about bringing in A-list talent, though that would be good for the club and the players.

Instead, what is working is an approach that focuses on building the right team environment to allow talented players to thrive. That means developing players with pace, quality at high intensity, a tight first touch and game intelligence.

It is also about ensuring that young players can feel like they are valued and a part of the squad. That has been an issue at United for years, with players feeling neglected and uncoached.

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