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How to Restore a Water-Damaged Laptop

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If you have faced a situation where accidentally you have spilled liquid onto your laptop, and it stopped, and you are worried about what to do, then we have got you covered.

If you spill a coffee or water in your laptop and after which it stopped working, then the best thing to do is first dry it up.

Take a paper towel and wipe all the liquid in the body of the laptop then unscrew the screws and check inside, there is a chance that the liquid has gone into the motherboard so blow a hairdryer to remove the extra water and then leave the laptop covered in rice for 24 hours.

If it works, then fine, otherwise take it to the technician for better observation for any damaged parts.

Disclaimer: Don’t do the same thing as in the video if things won’t work out, otherwise you will end up like him.

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